Text 11 Jun tumblr

havent been on for ages sup plz check my twitter for mah train vids!

Text 17 Mar Java

I have finally gone back to learning how to code. I am starting from fresh and have found the hard bits in coding!

Photo 20 Oct My kitten

My kitten

Text 20 Oct 28 notes New Minecraft Merchandise


New Minecraft merchandise is now available at J!NX: http://www.jinx.com/shop/coll/minecraft/srt/new/

  • New Adult & Youth Tees, Fleece Jacket, Beanie, Creeper & Diamond Hoodies
  • 14” Talking Creeper Plush : Pre-order now as availability will be limited

I soo gonna get something!

Text 20 Oct Video

Sorry! We won’t have a video until a week or two…
( I mean a good one, not a one damaging it!)

Text 15 Sep Problems…

I am having probs. My laptops acting like there never was a battery in it, when the cable falls it died.

Text 4 Sep Updated and ready

Well, on my previous post my Pi did not install properly, luckily, my sisters friend talked me through it! :) Now I am using the newest and most up-to-date version of debian.

Text 31 Aug PiOS

Well I downloaded the image a while ago, and today I deleted all files and I got in a bit of a tizz until I removed my card from the computer and put it back in and it said “Would you like to format your drive” (of course it was referring to my SD) so I formatted it and then WOW!  It magically extracted!

Text 31 Aug Video Day!

We will be doing the video shortly. (Well, it’s expected to be shortly)

Text 30 Aug Video day has been moved!

Sorry, but the video will not be filmed until tomorrow because of what happened earlier.

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