Text 30 Aug Video update

I have an amazing neighbour!  He’s repaired my Pi…off to see if it works!

Video 30 Aug

@Broadcom @teknoteacher @RSComponents Well, I have my video (as promised) but, when I was setting it up this happened…Can anyone help?

Text 30 Aug And Today…

Today I shall be making a brief video about my Raspberry Pi.  I will then edit and publish the video later - but it may not be ready until tomorrow.  I will look at Scratch and Python and let you know what I have learnt.

Text 29 Aug Getting on with codecademy

Sorry guys, but sadly I did not do codecademy tonight. This was completely unexpected. Sorry.

Link 29 Aug Bristol Raspberry Jam»

I enjoyed the Bristol Raspberry Jam.  Listen to my question at about 1:17:35 

Text 29 Aug Getting to know Java

I am doing another exercise with Codeacademy (www.codeacademy.com) tonight. If you would like to know how i’m getting on I will do another post.

Text 29 Aug Java

Java is one of the hardest programming languages. If you would like to learn it I would use www.codecademy.com. It’s very good as you can go back to a previous section or you can have a look at what’s ahead! Check out www.codecademy.com/users/runnerbeanie. (That’s me!) So if you would like to learn Java if I were you I would use Codecademy.

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